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Jay King
A Proud Father, Lucky Husband, Business Specialist, Marketing Expert, Digital Media Maven, Brand Guru, SEO Specialist, Innovator, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Domainer, Creator & Entrepreneur




My philosophy in life is to create the uncreated. Make Dreams… Goals… Make Goals, Plans… And it all becomes a Reality. I stand by this firmly, because with Dedication, Motivation and Proper Creation… you bring the world Innovation. And I have used this in many areas of business with the result always being successful. I’m also a firm believer in being able to take nothing and turn it into something. Creativity is key in Business. It allows you to not only be 1 step ahead, but on an entirely different level. And one thing I learned throughout the years… is that you must be ready to fail, problem solve, learn, network, research, research and well… research.




With 15+ Years in the “Industry” I have become very skilled in many areas of Business. I believe to operate a successful business, you must be able to run a very complex company by yourself. Which allows you to wear the hats of many, master all roles and become a professional in every aspect to keep the wheels turning. By doing this, I learned from my failures, became an expert in “many” areas, a professional in multiple fields, conducted years of A/B testing and found out that there are solutions to all problems. And that problems only occur if success is available to be reached at the end. Especially when hard work is part of the equation.

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I am a bold decision maker and game changer with a history of building and elevating brand value, driving short-term and long-term sales growth Nationally and Internationally.
As an Internationally Experienced Entrepreneur and Business Specialist, I focus on Investments, Online Real Estate, Online and Offline Business Startup, Business Growth, Business Rehabilitation, Branding, PR, Promotions, Investments, Inventions and Much more.

I am known for my rich mix of experience and comprehensive understanding of effective Branding, Brand Growth, Successful Business Startup, Monetization Methods, Digital Marketing Strategies, Sales and Professional Business Strategies, including Business Training Programs, Crowd funding, Product Launch, Brand Awareness, Market and Trend Research, as well as being a Social Media and Digital Revolution Maven.
Having worked in several global markets (especially across the US and China); and with many beginning years of trial and error creating my own personal businesses during the beginning stages, I know where most business owners and organization go wrong. In my experience of working with clients, I quickly assess their business situations and establish the best practices for business-driven development. No matter the Industry, Niche, Product and all around end goal they have.
For more than 10 years, I have worked with and developed creative teams that rejuvenated, expanded /repositioned brands—from fresh, intermediate and mature entrepreneurs; in many areas, such as Small, Medium and Leading Businesses, Retail Industries and the Entertainment – Media Business.


Lorain Community

Business Administration, Marketing/Marketing Management

1st Virginia DCJS Academy

Private Investigation and DCJS

Hocking College

Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication

Ohio Center of Broadcasting

Broadcasting, Radio, Film and Television


Largest Online Real Estate Market - Global

With over $200,000 in Sales and Growing, on the Leading Marketplace for Online Real Estate, Selling Domain Names, Websites and Mobile Apps, I was Awarded Premium Seller and Super – Seller Status on


 Entertainment Business - Hollywood

Created, Wrote and Sold a Script to a Production Agency in California for $125,000.00. Establishing Many Networks in the Industry for Current Projects and Future Projects 


Leading Cannabis Company - Global

Created a Social Media from Scratch and Sold it to one of the World’s Largest Cannabis Companies for an ND amount over $300,000.00, Closing the Deal 4 weeks After Launch


Movie Theaters Near You - United States and China

Grew one of my Prior Businesses Large enough to contract with Regal Cinemas, AMC and Cinemark. Produced & Launched a Commercial in Over 750 Theaters Across the U.S.A & China 


Space City Con Convention - Houston, Texas

Successfully Created 2 Businesses from the Ground up, which led to a Remarkable Promotion and Sponsorship from the Space City Con Convention. Successfully Sold Both Businesses about 4 Months Later after an overwhelming growth from the sponsorship for over $200,000.00 each, after only being established for a total of 9 Months.


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  • Clear Channel Radio – Cleveland, Ohio

  • Volunteered and Shadowed at Clear Channel Radio

  • The Lanigan and Malone Show – Cleveland, Ohio

  • Volunteered at the Lanigan and Malone Radio Show

  • Go Skate – Texas – Ohio - Virginia

  • Volunteered at Go Skate, Awarded Pro Skater Certification

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  • Tech Crunch - Inventions

  • Namepros – Domain Names

  • Flippa – Online Real Estate

  • Kickstarter – Crowd funding

  • Indiegogo – Innovation

  • Google – Search Engine

  • Amazon – Products & Seller



★ Google Ads Fundamentals Exam
★ Google Ads Search Advertising Certification
★ Google Ads Display Advertising Certification
★ Google Ads Video Advertising Certification
★ Google Shopping Advertising Certification
★ Google Ads Mobile Advertising Certification
★ Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification
★ Google Mobile Sites Development Certification
★ Google Digital Sales Certification

Google Marketing Platform

★ Google Campaign Manager Certification
★ Google Creative Certification
★ Google Display Certification
★ Video 360 Certification
★ Google Search Ads 360 Certification


★ YouTube Creative Essentials Certification
★ YouTube Channel Growth Certification
★ YouTube Content Ownership Certification
★ YouTube Asset Monetization Certification


★ SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam
★ SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Exam
★ SEMrush Advertising Toolkit Exam
★ SEMrush Affiliate Program Terms Exam
★ SEMrush Social Media Toolkit Exam
★ SEO Fundamentals Exam


★ HubSpot Inbound Certification
★ HubSpot Inbound Marketing
★ HubSpot Sales Enablement
★ HubSpot Content Marketing
★ HubSpot Inbound Sales
★ HubSpot Email Marketing
★ HubSpot Growth Design
★ HubSpot Social Media


★ Microsoft/Bing Ads Accredited Professional


★ Yandex Direct Certification ★ Yandex Metrica Certification