By Jay King

Creating the Proper Brand Awareness Starts with a Name. Starts with a Brand.

This is the Beginning to a Great Business.

Why Choose Brandstur as your Brand Marketplace?

Well… for starters…

Here at Brandstur, we offer not just the Exact Style, Same Quality and or Higher Quality of Brand Names to our Clients as every other Brand Name Marketplace… But we also offer more Variety, more than Just a Brand Name, a bigger bang for your buck…. and oh…

At we offer all of that at 30%-50% less than all of the other Major Brand Name Marketplaces.


How do you Select Your Brand Names?

Just like the Majority of Major Brand Name Marketplaces, All of Brand Names are Hand Chosen by us here at Brandstur.

That is an Extremely Crucial Part, as Quality is Key. Not Quantity.

Which Means that if we wanted to… we could have 1,000’s of Pages Filled up with Names for You to choose from, just like most of the other marketplaces out there.

But that… we refuse to do.

We are very strategic with our Branding and Hand Select Names that We Personally Would Use and go through each name, and how it would be valued as not just a brand, but a significant part of the niche it will be entering.

 One thing that makes us stand out from other Brand Name Marketplaces, is the fact that we do not accept submissions from individuals, charge them, make them sit on their domain property, follow strict guidelines and wait until their Brand Name Sells.

Here at Brandstur,
We Only Provide Brand Names that we as a Company Own.
Which means, we are not out for that extra penny,
We are not out for commission off each sale.
We do not raise the sales price of the Brand Name to some Insane Dollar Amount…
We conduct Fair and Straight forward Business.

What Do You Mean by More Than Just a Brand Name?

Each Brand Name We Have Available, does not just come with a Mock up and Logo.
Our Logos our High Quality, High Definition and are all Premium Designs.
In addition to our Logos, each name is Featured with Over 50 Style Mock ups, 3-5 Professionally Made Videos that Feature the Brand, Multiple Sum Ups of Concepts that Can be used with the Brand Name and Instead of a Niche Sales Pitch that Tries To Sell you on the Brand… We offer a Straight to the Point Grasp of What the Brand Name can do for you, as well as the Technical Aspects related to the Brand, such as CPC, Searches, Age, Authority and more.

When you Say Brandstur Provides Brandable Names for Start Ups, Growing Businesses, Every Niche, Bloggers and Basically Has a Brand Name that Covers all Industries in order to Suite everyone’s needs… but on top of that… you say… “Variety”? What do you mean?

We’re sure you have visited other Brand Marketplaces, checked out their Prices, took a Look at their Logos, their sales Pitch… and read something about “The Name Must Pass the Radio Test”.

Passing the Radio Test is True.

To a Certain Extent.

But not just as Branding Experts, we are also experts in Business.

And with that being said…
We know that not every business is looking for a name that is “short”, “catchy” and “Cleverly Thought”.

Even though those Brand Names are indeed “Great” Brand Names…

We Understand that not every business is on the Lookout for that “Style”.

Which is Why Brandstur decided to take a huge leap compared to many of the other Major Brand Name Marketplaces… stand behind what is known as our “additional” style Brand Names that have a major impact and cater to ALL Styles of Branding with a large variety of choices for each and every type of business looking to establish a brand.

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