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Business Services

★ Business Consulting

1 on 1 Business Consultations regarding your business and your goals. We will help you get your business going in the right direction, eliminate the necessary and get you on the correct path to seeing an ROI.

★ Business Startup

If you are looking to start a business online or offline, you have come to the right place. We will help you from start to finish, from initial set up, to launch and will assist you on running your business, as our end goal is always success.

★ Business Management

If you do not have time to run your online business, we will be more than happy to take over that role. Whether it be updating your website and managing your social media, to processing orders, client communications and more.

★ Business Rehabilitation

If you have an existing business that is not fulfilling its duties, we will help you eliminate unnecessary costs, find out what methods you are using are incorrect, organize new plans that will give you alternative routes with results.

Coaching Services

I have been successfully teaching individuals for years and assist you from the ground up.
I hold an Intensive 7+ Years of working with all levels of Individuals and all businesses, no matter the size.
Whether you’re a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. My Coaching and Training is like none other.
I train you In Depth, hands on, at your own pace, through live video, live audio, live screen share, in person, individual 1 on 1 Training, large groups and also hold seminars.
All training, each session and all details are recorded and can be referenced back too at your convenience.
My training is again, very detailed, in depth, from Start to Finish, covering all aspects of the field you are looking to become successful and fluent in.
I teach you the ins and outs, go over all the specifics, tricks, tactics, sign ups, platforms, programs, terminology, strategies, business tactics, budgeting and so much more.
Every training session is different and is tailored specifically to your needs. I teach you everything.
My coaching is extremely valuable, and I have many references available upon request.

★ Business Startup Coaching
★ Business Solution Coaching
★ Business Tactics and Strategy Coaching
★ Brand Development Coaching
★ Product Development Coaching
★ In Depth Marketing Coaching
★ In Depth Advertising Coaching
★ Web Design and Development Coaching
★ Monetization Method Coaching
★ In Depth SEO Coaching
★ Target Traffic Coaching
★ Adwords Coaching
★ Social Media Marketing Coaching
★ Social Media Advertising Coaching
★ Viral Tactic and Method Coaching
★ Influencer Coaching
★ eCommerce and Dropship Coaching
★ IT Coaching
★ Program and Software Coaching
★ Amazon Coaching
★ Online Real Estate Coaching
★ Domain Name Coaching
★ Computer Basics Coaching
★ Youth Computer Coaching
★ And Much More

Marketing/Advertising Services

★ Marketing and Advertising Solutions
I have many years of experience Marketing and Advertising. Both Online and Offline. Running proper Campaigns is what makes or breaks your business. Brand awareness is how your market knows you even exist. You must be able to run effective Marketing and Advertising campaigns for this to happen. Doing so with the proper budget, is my specialty. Not only do I destroy local markets, I do serious impact Nationally and Internationally. From digital advertising and marketing, getting you on screen, placed on top tier websites, put in front of Millions of users that are your target market on social media, to venue set up, organization and even brand deals. I have over a decade of experience doing it all, for 100’s of niches and Many Industries. Each company is in a different position when I work with them and I fully analyze where they are at, hold multiple consulting calls and conferences discussing the best possible strategy and execute my methods, which result in successful campaigns. There are to many Marketing and Advertising Methods to post as a “service”, because every business need something different. Let me help your business get the best possible brand awareness there is using my expertise, skills, techniques, tactics, methods and networks.

Website Services

★ Web Design
I offer everything from basic website development all the way to advanced websites. From full design, custom programming, from start to launch.
★ Website Redesign
If you currently have a website and are looking for an upgrade, I can help. Is very important to stay connected to the constant innovative digital revaluation. Whether it be a full website redesign, making your site mobile compatible, making it responsive or completely updating the style for a better look I am able to help you.
★ Website Monetization
If you have website that you are looking to earn more money from, are not earning enough or are wondering how to make money from, I can assist you with many ways to monetize your site. From auto monetization, ad networks, affiliate programs, products, banner sales, guest post and much more.
★ Website Analysis
If you need me to review your website and offer tips, diagnose any problems, make it SEO friendly, make any changes, upgrade the speed, clean up the back end or do a full conversion to WordPress I am more than happy to help you.
★ Website Management
Not everyone has time to manage their website, keep up with maintenance, content, blog posts, guest posts, banner negotiations and mandatory upkeep. Time is money. And some of the work is very difficult, but that’s not a problem on my end, I manage many properties and I am more than happy to assist you.

SEO Services

★ SEO Services | DP | Alexa | Content | Page 1 Rankings | PBNs

SEO is a major factor when it comes to making your website convert correctly. I have over 10+ Years of SEO experience and always provide top results, no matter the industry or niche. I provide in depth keywords research for both websites and videos. Local, Sate, National and Global. I will always be able to rank you. And will always provide Amazing Results. I will maximize your websites on page presence and off page presence to the fullest. I offer multiple SEO solutions for your site or video to rank correctly and be visible to your market on search engines. My SEO Delivers Conversions, Brand Awareness, Traffic, Sales, Signups, Leads and more. I conduct extensive due diligence in order to make this happen.

Please Note: Ranking YouTube Videos and Vimeo Videos are Different. I can Rank those Much Faster, For Higher Competition Keywords and Can almost always rank them Page 1

Here is a Brief of some of the steps I take when doing SEO.
I have not listed a large majority of my Methods, as I do not Publicize those.

All of my methods are 100% Google Friendly. 
Below is a brief rundown for you to look over. 
Again, I did not list about 60% of my other methods, as they are not to be thrown around lightly. 

Initial Review & Analysis

In-depth Site Analysis. Will do a deep website analysis.
Content Duplicacy. Check Will check content Duplicacy.
Initial Backlink Analysis. Will analyze website’s Backlinks.
Google Penalty Check. Will check if there are any Google penalties.
Competition Analysis. Will analyze website competition. Either get right next to them or bypass them for better rankings.
Initial Rank Report. Will send an initial website rank report.
Keyword Research. Will do keyword research for Best Keywords to Rank. Long Tail, Lows, Mids, Highs and Strategy Keywords.

Once website analysis is complete, I’ll provide you a complete solution (On-Page SEO) to make you a perfect SEO friendly website.

Onsite Optimization

Optimization of Title. Description Optimization of website Title and Meta Description using the appropriate and finalized keywords we’re ranking for and search engine algorithms.
Unique Content. Content is King. Especially when implemented correctly. 
Canonicalization Will do if required.
Website Page Load Optimization. Will Improve Load time.
Header Tags Optimization. Will Optimize all Heading tags.
HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization. Will clean the html code if required.
Image & Hyperlink Optimization. Will optimize images and hyperlinks.
W3C Validation. Will validate and optimize.
Image tag Implementation of alt and titles tags to images and name improvement of images to help crawlers to find more keywords on your website.
Internal link Structure Modification of internal link structure using search engine algorithms.
Table tags Optimization of table tags is included in this procedure.
Site map creation. Will create xml site maps for you which are search engine friendly.
Will make Robot.txt to guide search engine crawlers.
CSS optimization I optimize css if required according to search engine tastes.
Td / Tr tags I optimize TD and TR titles to make your website keyword rich.
Div Tag I  optimize div tags if website is a div based website
URL Rewriting If required.
Google Analytics Will create Google analytics account.
Google & Bing Webmaster Tools Will create Google & Bing webmaster tools account.

Web 1.0 (basic SEO)

Link submission Submission to relevant high Pr directories to get basic crawls.
Search engine submission Submission to more than 300 search engines to provide more visibility.
Blogs Blogs, Blogs and Blogs. Writing and submissions, for blogger, wordpress etc.
Link building.
Three way link building. This is to provide high pr relevant links to Increase traffic and PR.
I do white hat link building, sending emails manually and with and also use an algorithmic chat process.
Forum links. This is to provide high website rank in search engine result pages.
Blog comment links. This is to provide website rank stability and long lasting links.

Web 2.0 Marketing

Social bookmarking submission to high pr social bookmarking sites which are search engine friendly and high result generating.
Custom Rss submissions are created then submit these to top, hidden and dominate rss directories.
Squidu lenses. This includes creation of free pages and helps in getting more links and crawls.
Hub pages. This is to create free pages and I promote these pages to get fast crawls.
Press releases. I do press releases to only the top outlets for your website to keep it in updated on search engines.
Article posting. Article posting brings you high page rank and high site page rank too.
Classified ads. I post strategically using various classified ads, adding a different, effective style of link juice, while promoting.
Forum postings. This process is also included in web 2.0 to get various site rankings.
Video promotions. I make and promote videos for you on YouTube, Vimeo, Daily motions etc.
Video subscriptions. To make your videos more popular I include this process too. As well as many others I cannot disclose.
YouTube channels and playlists. When I have more than 3-4 videos ready for your website than I  put them together in a channel and make playlists  to get more visibility. Note, this is not your channel. I use this method for 100+ Reasons, this is a major boost.
Video blogging. I put these videos in blogs and promote those blogs to major platforms, such as Bloggern, wordpress + many more.
Dmoz submission. I submit your website to the open source directory Dmoz using proper guidelines.
Local directory submission. I submit your website to local directories, as well as exclusive local directories that are private for SEO Experts only.
Local business listing. I submit your business profile with in Local business websites, as well as exclusive Local business websites that are private for SEO Experts only.

Web 3.0 Marketing

Digg. I make and post stories to digg, this drives millions uniques to your site. But the methods I use unfortunately cannot be disclosed.
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram and MANY more Social Media Platforms. I bookmark your website on all of these, as well as exclusive high powered pages that are private for SEO Experts only.
Stumble upon. This is a famous website to get more visibility. I spent years developing my methods for this. Very Effective.
Google Voting system. Google has just launched a new amazing thing which, when used correctly and applying the correct strategy/methods, it will run millions and millions of uniques/traffic. Google Loves it, giving you a firm position on search engines. 
Site map submission. Search engines allow sitemap submissions so that they can find all of your site links on a single page.

Going Local:

Google my Business
Yahoo Local Setup
Bing Places Business Setup
Apples Map Connect Setup
Yelp Business Listings
And of course… more!


★ ORM | Online Reputation Management 

Individuals and Businesses work very hard to get to where they need to be. 
It can all end with 1 simple negative comment. Every situation is different. So I give full focus on you and how to solve it. And I will.

I have done over 1,500+ ORM services for Individuals and Companies throughout the years. I have seen most of everything.

About 10 Years ago, I had many clients reach out to me in casual conversation about needing negative posts, reviews, blog pages, videos and more removed from various places online. I noticed there were not many people and or companies that offered this solution. 

So I dedicated Years to become fluent and ORM. 
With one goal in mind… And that was to help people and businesses who have been damaged online, make a full astonishing recovery.

Your personal reputation can be tarnished, damaged, destroyed and ruin you… by many things. Including Negative Competior Reviews, Disgruntled Family or Friends, Angry or Unhappy Clients, Arrest records, Mugshots, Lawsuits, Court cases and so much more. 

The majority of the time (I have been doing this for YEARS), the information that is damaging you or your business is not even true. 
Which then damages your reputation as a person, loses your business money, instantly repels any new and potential clients… and all around carries a giant weight on your shoulders that should not be there in the first place.

This can destroy ones life and entire business. And I am not ok with that.
People work VERY hard to get where they are…
Which is why I became an Expert in ORM.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me! Let me help you like I have helped others!
Many of my previous and continuous clients include:

★ Law Firms – Lawyers
★ Police and Public Servants
★ Politicians/City/State Officials
★ Brick and Mortar Businesses
★ Local Businesses
★ Small Businesses
★ Medium Sized Businesses
★ Large Businesses
★ College Students and Graduates
★ Website and Blog Owners
★ Freelancers
★ Individuals, Moms, Dads, Kids, Family, Friends
★ And Many More

If any of this relates to you, please contact me.

I take discretion very seriously.
All of the proper paperwork will be signed for your benefit. 

I can help you.

I have serviced so many individuals and businesses, providing them amazing ORM and have saved each email sent to me…
Everyone of them full of excitement and awe. 

Do not let something like this damage you anymore. 

Contact me today ASAP.

Mobile App Development

★ Mobile Application Development
★ IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Kindle

Everyone, if not right now, soon… has a smart phone or will be forced to own some sort of smart device because of the digital revolution.

There is no better way to market to your direct audience, than to be with them everywhere they go…
In their pocket, on their hand, on a smart ring, on their desktop and even on smart screens in vehicles now.

I offer custom Mobile App Development on IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Amazon. No matter the complexity.

Every Mobile App I develop is Completed from start to finish, Sketch, Graphics, UI, Prototyping, Full Beta with the end result of your new masterpiece ready to hit the world and be at the tips of millions of fingers around the globe.

In Addition to creating your custom app, I assist all my clients with Top Outlet Mobile App Press Releases on all of the major networks. Along with taking over the full handle of your App submissions to over 10,000+ app markets around the world to increase your downloads, exposure, brand awareness and to gain maximum exposure.

I have a major outlet of app markets that many developers are unaware of, which will take your app global in no time. I don’t just submit to Apple and the Play Store. I’ve developed 100’s of Mobile apps, from small to big. Mini Apps, Custom Video Game Apps, Full on Stores, Custom Business Applications, eCommerce and Drop shipping Apps, Gaming Apps, Corporate Apps, Document Applications, Membership Apps and many more, in all different industries, niches and many from just that “idea” my clients bring me to make a reality.

I assist with full featured, integrated ads, ad space to sell, additional monetization methods and conduct a full business consultation with you, in order to maximize your profit to the fullest and or reach your goal.

In addition, I also offer Mobile App Makeovers, custom redesigns and do full conversions of existing websites to a Mobile Application that is user friendly, represents you, your brand and company to its fullest, and I make multiple versions to increase exposure, assuring Compatibility on all Operating systems.

These are Must haves to gain a higher conversion rate and stay up to speed with the digital trend.

For more details regarding Mobile Application Development, contact me today!
I will be more than happy to have a free consultation with you via phone, skype audio, skype messaging, skype video, email…
Or if you are local, in person!

Social Media Services

★ Social Media Design
Social media plays a major role for all businesses in this generation. Not all businesses need every single social media there is. Matter of fact… making the wrong social media accounts for your business can do you damage. I will help you create the proper accounts, with a professional company design that will help you stand out and gain maximum exposure.
★ Social Media Management
Not everyone has time to manage their social media accounts. Whether it’s 1 account or 25 accounts. I will help you manage them, maintain their presence, maximize exposure, gain followers and likes, increase your fan base and help spread your brand. There are certain strategies you need to follow, and I will implement each method to surpass your expectations, while feeing up your time and taking away your headache of having to deal with all your accounts daily.
★ Social Media Marketing and Advertising
Running a successful social media campaign, whether it be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and all other platforms is about being effective. You either know how to use each platform to their fullest, can execute direct marketing, convert your target market, gain brand awareness, increase the exposure of both your Social Media Pages and your Company… and do this for the best price with maximum results. Or you just drain your funds. I will help you run the most effective, converting campaigns not just by using the Social Media Advertising Platforms, but by using my Social Media Marketing and Advertising Methods that involve strategy and technique.
★ Social Media Fan Pages
Social Media has come a long way from myspace. You are now able to have 100’s of thousands and even Millions of people located in one place. Interested in what you have, your brand, your product and they are all contained in a controlled environment. Not to mention the fact that you can reach every single one of the users at a click of a button. Social Media Fan pages are very valuable and can make you a lot of money. I have fan pages that earn Tens of Thousands of Dollars a Month and Own many pages that have 100’s of thousands of Fans and Followers, and many pages with over 1 Million Fans and Followers. I have learned over the years how to build these pages and create a community of millions of converting dedicated members, that can make you thousands of dollars monthly and it’s all literally right at your fingertips. Let me help you.

Graphic Design & Video Services

★ Professional Graphic Designing
★ 100% Unique and 100% Custom

Graphics are key. A Graphic is how you are identified. A major factor that impacts your Brand. 
I will professionally design you the best of the best from scratch with an amazing turnaround time. I love designing and have no limits. All my designs are unique and original. Custom Tailored to you and your business. From Business cards, marketing material, print material, logo design, social media material, album covers, complete websites, photo retouching, hand drawn illustrations, cartooning and more. I am here for all your graphic design needs.

I’ve Designed for Major Venues, Multi-million Dollar Companies, Global Movie Theaters and Very Well known Individuals. 
References available upon request!

★ Video Creation Services

Most of your market will react to a “Visual aide”. I will produce professional videos that will compel your market to react in what I like to call “The Conversion Way”. Videos are very powerful. They represent you and your company in a way that embeds in your markets head. This is very important when establishing a brand. I will produce and create the Best Videos for your business that will catch the eye of everyone who sees it. From Full Corporate Videos, Social Media Videos, Stop Motion Videos, White Board Videos, Explainer Videos, Product Demonstration Videos, Green Screen Videos to Full Commercial Videos and more. I love Film and will help you create the visual art you vision or need for your business or project.

Impact Video Service

HD Video Production

2D Product Video Demonstrations

3D Product Video Demonstrations

Human Actors via Commercials for T.V and Film

Brokering Services

★ Domain Name Brokering
If you have a valuable domain asset that you are looking to get the maximum dollar amount for, I can make that happen. I have many clients I broker domain names for, many high-end buyers, a large network of parties global who acquire valuable domain names and am well known on Global Forums and Marketplaces. Contact me with your Domain Name(s) today and we will discuss further in detail on getting the most for your assets.
★ Website Brokering
Websites are very valuable and can sell for a great amount of money. If you have a website that receives a large amount of traffic, or is earning money from ad sales, banner sales, AdSense, ad networks, affiliate networks, product sales, service sales or earning other ways, contact me and I will help you maximize the value of your property and get the most money for the sale of your site.
★ Mobile App Brokering
Mobile Apps are in major demand and sell for large amounts of money. If you have a Mobile App that has a great number of downloads, holds a unique purpose, is the first of its kind, or is earning money from ad sales, banner sales, AdSense, ad networks, affiliate networks, product sales, service sales or earning other ways, contact me and I will help you maximize the value of your app and make sure you get the best price for the sale of your Mobile App.